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  1. TCC Lock up Toggle switch diagram for CCC delete

    Transmission & Drive line
    hey elco centro been a while since i posted. I got my Non-CCC quadrajet and vacuum dist installed on my 1985 305. shes purring like a lion and i love the reman Qjet. Now that Ive deleted the computer i was wondering If anyone whom has spliced in a TCC lock up bypass switch could post up some...
  2. 86 - 305 to 350 problems

    Engine Topics
    Hey guys. I have been working on dropping in a 350 crate engine in place of the tired 305. I opted to remove all of the computer controlled components (have the wires were missing or already unplugged) and the emissions (half of the emissions components were missing). I have the new 350 in and...
  3. Starter removal on a 1977 El Camino, 305, Automatic

    Ignition Upgrades & Discussion Forum
    I finally need to rebuild my starter on my '77 Super Sport after nearly 40 years of service! Does anyone have an overview of removing this starter? In inspecting the starter area, it is much tighter than I expected for removal of the starter. There is a stabilizing bar as well as the...
  4. 305 to 6.2 diesel engine swap in my 79 el camino

    Engine Topics
    Right now i currently have a sbc 305 in my 79 camino. Stock motor and everything is original. My buddy has a 6.2 diesel bolted up to a rebuilt TH400 tranny that i want to buy for my el camino, but i have no idea how easy this would be to swap. Does anybody know anything that would help? What new...
  5. how to properly connect all the vacuum hoses

    Engine Topics
    Its an 87 El Camino, Chevy 305, Rochester Quadrajet Carb. I don't know the correct way to connect all of the hoses from the carb. any help would be appreciated, a diagram or picture would be best.
  6. i have i 305 and i want to upgrade

    Engine Topics
    so i have a 1974 el camino with a swapped 1983 305 small block engine. my budget is about 6000 dollars what could i do with it to get more power out of it? the tranny is going to need to be replaced also as it is pretty burnt out. any advice would be helpful, i was thinking of getting it bored...
  7. Need info to finish assembling motor

    Engine Topics
    :smileyb: Hello all, im assembling my motor and am stuck at the heads. I have my 75 350, ported 92 fbody 305 heads, performer intake, LT headers, edelbrock performer-plus camshaft and lifters, new headers back 2.5 exhaust, a few other things. Just a street motor. Not for 5k+ RPMS. I didn't keep...
  8. Timing Trouble

    Engine Topics
    I recently added headers, dual exhaust and a new intake manifold to my 84 Caballero and when I removed the distributor I forgot to mark its position. I have tried many times to get the engine at TDC and have positioned the oil pump shaft to be aligned with the 1st cylinder position on the...
  9. New Cam Choice

    Performance Modifications
    I'm looking to put a new cam into my stock 84 Elcy 305 SB and was wondering what would be some recommended specs needed for a good performance cam. I'll also be upgrading my stock exhaust, carb, and intake. Any suggestions on cam specs?
  10. new carb

    Engine Topics
    I am looking for a new carb. I currently have a 305 but sooner or later i will be upgrading to a 350. What holley carb would you recommend?
  11. 1983 El Camino small block 305

    Document your restorations and modifications
    I got a 83 el camino last month for $1000. When I bought it, it came with tons of spare parts and a set of cragar keystones in ok shape. So far, I got it home and got it running with my Dad. It needs some body work, paint, and electrical work before its ready for the road. Originaly, this car...
  12. Starting a pro touring 78; any suggestions?

    Suspension & Steering
    :texas:Hi guys i was looking around for ideas and have decided that i want to go towards the pro touring end of the spectrum for my el camino i am on a 1000 budget for this month what are some ideas to get me started i currently dont like the body roll so i wanna start on that. Suggestions?
  13. Questions of functionalities and opinons of blower scoops

    Performance Modifications
    Hi, my name is nick and i had a question regarding blower scoops, i have a 78 El Camino with a 305, and intend to keep it all original(engine, interior ect), just custom. I am building this engine to make 300+ horses. The only problem is that i have hood clearance issues and am not adding a...
  14. Troubleshooting 305

    Engine Topics
    Hi, I'm Bobby, I'm new to the forum :beer:. I've had my 81 Camino for a while now, but I've finally gotten the motivation to get it working properly. I usually have some trouble starting it up cold. I've gotta keep pumping the gas for a while to keep it running and it sounds terrible, sputtering...
  15. 5th gen parts

    Parts for sale
    Removed from a 1985 Caballero with 305/200ctrans Cross member 30.00 Intake 4bbl original 50.00 416 HO heads 58cc chambers 1.85 I 1.5 E 200.00 305 short block, with pan and new oil pump NEEDS REBUILD 150.00 Laying around the shop CS style alternator with pigtail 50.00 86 vette water pump, short...