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  1. Anniversary Present from Wife : a well cared for 84 SS — still in shock!

    Have not made it through the documentation as we’ve had her for a only meek two weeks, but I will be certain to update this as i become more knowledgeable aniut what it is my wife bought me as a 11year anniversary present! Previous owner had it in his expansive collection of cars for 4 years...
  2. Ignition Upgrades & Discussion Forum
    I recently bought a 1970 El Camino and shes been sitting in the open since at least '97. A few nights ago I got her running again, and last night I got her driving. New plugs and wires, new battery, new belts, oil change and tranny fluid. I know old cars dont like to be pushed in general, but...
  3. Tips & Tricks
    So, I've been slowly restoring my Camino. I've got the 350 in it, and it ran smoothly for quite some time. Now, I can't get over 25mph, if I press to liberally on the pedal, it sounds like it's going to die. I've got a holley 4 barrel carb, I've cleaned it, tried adjusting the air/fuel ratio...
  4. Engine Topics
    So i’m going to be changing my oil soon i’ve got a 71 350. I was wondering what would any of you recommend? From what i’ve gathered 10w30 is good for me (i live in west texas really hot summers) But id like to know what you guys think I should use.
  5. Engine Topics
    Just had my 350 crate motor blow and need some form of replacement. Looking for a 305 or a 350. I have checked all the usual sites for new crate motors. Just thought I see if there might be one out there that I can find online. Let me know if anyone has any options. By the way I am out of...
1-6 of 8 Results