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  1. Exhaust headers for 350 in 1980

    Engine Topics
    Howdy all, I have a 350 from an older GM vehicle in my 1980 elco. I am wondering what y'all are using/would suggest for headers. The 350 still has the basic manifolds and such up to the cat, to which I then ripped it off as it was rusty and now the exhaust just exits right after the cat. I...
  2. 1978 El Camino

    1978 El Camino

  3. Need a great mechanic

    Region 18 (CA)
    Just bought my 1979 El Camino. Big plans believe me. 6 days in find out (after a compression test) that i have a cracked block. I need to find a good and honest mechanic in the northern San Diego area
  4. Engine Swap

    Engine Topics
    Hello all, I am at a point of beginning to build my new engine. I have an opportunity to purchase a 350. It is said to be out of a 1961. My Elco is a 1981. will a 1961 fit into my 1981? Oh and I took all of my smog and ECM out of my elco. Or I could also purchase a 1999 350. The 1961...
  5. '65 w/ a 350HO need radiator + fan help/options

    Engine Topics
    Anyone got a '65 with a 350 HO? Looking for Radiator / Shroud / Fan setup recommendations. Read hotrod mag's '65 elco cooling problem fix with a flex-a-lite radiator + single 16" fan setup. https://www.hotrod.com/articles/1965-chevy-el-camino-overheating-fix/ Clearance is tight against the...
  6. 86 - 305 to 350 problems

    Engine Topics
    Hey guys. I have been working on dropping in a 350 crate engine in place of the tired 305. I opted to remove all of the computer controlled components (have the wires were missing or already unplugged) and the emissions (half of the emissions components were missing). I have the new 350 in and...
  7. 231 v6 to 350 swap in CA

    Engine Topics
    Hey fellas so my question is this. Could I go find a doner car with a 305/350 with all of its CA smog equipment, OBD I like the 231 system on it now , and put all of its CA Smog material on my 84 El camino then toss in a SBC 350 from Jegs? Will ANY of the smog equipment currently on the 231...
  8. Crate Engine - How much HP Do I Need>

    Engine Topics
    I'm hoping for some engine advice. I have a 1969 El Camino with a blown 1974 350 engine. I'm considering a GM 350 crate engine with 200 HP which is about $1,800 from Hawaiin Racing in Simi Valley. I'm concerned I will not be happy with the low 200 HP. How much HP would I be satisfied with and...
  9. Unkown Wire/ECM Problem

    Electrical Systems
    Hello i have a 86 elco working on it to run a 350 l31 vortec 5700 but it does not have power at all. But that is not the case here i noticed my knock sensor pigtail is missing and it was connected to a green/dark green wire coming from the left (drivers side) of my vehicle where the bulkhead...
  10. Headlights stay on for a little bit then go off

    Electrical Systems
    When i turn on the headlights they stay on for a second then go out. There was a burning smell right before is happened, so i thought is was the headlight switch but that didn't fix it. I'm stuck and have no clue what else to try. I didn't see any obvious messed up wires behind the dash or under...
  11. distributor whining

    Engine Topics
    today i was going to do some compression testing, pulled off the distributor cap (i am now aware i could have just pulled the plug on the side) and found the rotor in a big melted mess. the flat spring that makes contact in the center was basically glued down by all the melted plastic. So i went...
  12. stalling

    Engine Topics
    Hi I own a 77 elco 350 engine the problem is that it keeps stalling when accelerating but runs fine in reverse but in drive it loose power and stalls aalso I must wait a minute or two before restarting or pour gas directly in the carb to start. Before when accelerating it did loose power for a...
  13. EFI -> LS Swap

    LT1/LS1/EFI Tech
    Right now I have a '70 with 350/350 combo. I want to do an LS swap but I'm worried about the wiring, hiding the ecu, pedal assembly, so forth. My plan is the buy the FAST EZ EFI for the 350/350 combo and drive it until I have money/find the engine I want, which hasn't been easy. How badly would...
  14. Good gasket kit for a .030 chevy 350?

    Engine Topics
    Doing a little overhaul to a mildly built chevy 350 that's sat in storage quite some time. I primed the oil system, lubed the cylinders and it turned over freely with no issues. It's now been taken apart down to the shortblock. Just as I thought it's bored 30 over. It's a 70's block 2 piece...
  15. Engine swap 350 to 383

    Engine Topics
    Hey everyone I am new to this forum and not to sure how to use it so I hope I am posting in the right area. I have a 1985 elcamino conquista with a 350. I ended up getting some extra money lately and since I blew a ring on the 350 I want to just get rid of it and put a 383 stroker in. I have no...
  16. Possible Seized Engine

    Engine Topics
    I have an 84 Caballero with a GM Crate 350 motor in it. The motor has less than 8000 miles on it. I just drove back from college yesterday and I noticed that my motor was running relatively hot during the trip but just assumed it to be inaccurate because the wire to the gauge runs past my...
  17. Starter/Flexplate Grinding

    Engine Topics
    So I just finished swapping the 305 out of my 84 Caballero and replacing it with a GM Performance 350. I am using the stock flexplate along with a smaller starter to clear my headers. The starter was on my old block with two shims across the top of the nose but when I put it on my new block I...
  18. SBC 350 Modifications

    Engine Topics
    I have a sb 350 that I am going to put into my 1984 Caballero. It is completely disassembled and the only part I don't have is the crankshaft. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any things that I should consider when rebuilding this and any other upgrades I should do to create alot of...
  19. R-12 Replacement

    Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
    I have a 78 caballero that i recently upgraded the 350 in, to the edelbrock performer rpm kit. Now the issue has arrived with the valve covers sitting higher than stock. Is there anything out there to fix this? Aftermarket or even in-dash a/c unit that would actually fit and work correctly?
  20. Need info to finish assembling motor

    Engine Topics
    :smileyb: Hello all, im assembling my motor and am stuck at the heads. I have my 75 350, ported 92 fbody 305 heads, performer intake, LT headers, edelbrock performer-plus camshaft and lifters, new headers back 2.5 exhaust, a few other things. Just a street motor. Not for 5k+ RPMS. I didn't keep...