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383 stroker

  1. 383 in 3rd generation?

    Engine Topics
    Hey y'all! My truck blew a head gasket. I pulled the heads and sent them off to my local machine shop. They're wanting nearly $1500.00 to rebuild the heads. I found a 383 built by White Performance (out of Tennessee) on e-bay for less than 5K.. I'm wanting to go with the 383. Anyone dealt with...
  2. Engine swap 350 to 383

    Engine Topics
    Hey everyone I am new to this forum and not to sure how to use it so I hope I am posting in the right area. I have a 1985 elcamino conquista with a 350. I ended up getting some extra money lately and since I blew a ring on the 350 I want to just get rid of it and put a 383 stroker in. I have no...
  3. To stroke or not to stroke...

    Engine Topics
    I talked to an engine builder today and he quoted me some prices. To be honest I don't really know what to look for or ask about. I told him I wanted a 400+ hp and 400+ ft. lb. motor to play around in. I also stated I would run my TH350 (built) and switch out my rear for a posi with mid 3 gears...
  4. Opinion on transmisson and rearend?

    Transmission & Drive line
    my '79 has a borg warner t5 5 speed and a 10 bolt posi rearend. tell me what you think of these. do you think theyll hold up to a mild 383 stroker?