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  1. I think the fiancee is displeased...

    General BS Topics
    I called her precious, so she asked 'how precious?' More precious to me than a 383 stroker motor :inlove:. Apparently she doesn't put the same value on them that I do.
  2. 383 sbc w/blower ooooor LS3 twin turbo

    Engine Topics
    Currently I'm getting ready to pull out the 383 that's currently in my 65 el Camino and put it on a cradle for now to strip off what I can then mount it on a stand it completely disassemble it. The reason I'll be doing that is this block was originally a 350(via casting #'s) and the previous...
  3. 305 to 383 problems

    Transmission & Drive line
    Hey, everyone. Ive had a 72 elco for a while now, but havent had the time to really contribute to a huge project until recently. I've been wanting to convert the 350 to a 383 stroker. Ive been picking up parts for the project: dart sbh 200cc heads 64 cc intake edelbrock 600 carb and high rise...