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  1. Transmission & Drive line
    Right now im planning on getting a 396 put into the car supposedly it will make 540 hp and 528 TQ. My only problem is finding a 4, 6, or 5 speed transmission that will work. And i dont have a rear end yet so would i have to wait for that ratio too. I personally dont really understand the ratios...
  2. Engine Topics
    Hello, Newbie here. Any info on if GM did any 1965 396 El Caminos?. Ive found info on the 200 1965 Z16 396 Chevelles but nothing on '65 Caminos. The reason for asking is we have a '65 we have owned for several years,, has 396 fender emblems and an unknown big block, was factory 4 spd with...
  3. Engine Topics
    Hello everyone pretty new at this, I am restoring a 67 El Camino i purchased dismantled and without an engine. Well i got a 396 (3855962) engine but i need to have it rebuilt, I was told its a real 396 for a 67 chevelle, with oval ports. don't know any other specs besides what i mentioned...
1-3 of 3 Results