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3rd gen

  1. Tailgate Backup Light Wiring 3rd Gen

    Electrical Systems
    Problem: Backup lights in the tailgate of 3rd Gen did not work. Details: * Prior owners had car repainted about 5 years ago. * Prior owners moved from column to B&M hammer ratcheting floor shift. * I had Shear Performance wire in a B&M neutral Safety switch activated by floor shifter. * When...
  2. 70-72 Sweep Dash Has anyone replaced clock with tach

    Interior Restoration
    Has anyone replaced the clock with a tach in their 1970-72 seep dash? If so, which tach did you use?
  3. Project '70 dash pad R&R, sweep instrument lights and clean dash

    Interior Restoration
    I found a bunch of ugly stuff by the high beam switch on the really clean carpet that looked like "dog stuff" from deep treads of a boot. After trying to match it to three pairs of shoes, I realized the perforated pattern was that of the dash pad above the speaker. Sure enough.... The NECOA...
  4. Happy Birthday Steve69ss396

    Region 18 (CA)
    Happy Birthday Steve! :texas::bigups:
  5. 1970 Brake Proportioning Valve #2226261

    Brake Systems
    I'm currently working to restore my 1970 Chevelle SS396's front end and engine compartment. My immediate project is brakes related: master cylinder, booster, proportion and distribution valves, and hard & soft lines. Though I'm working on a Chevelle, the things I'm learning are absolutely...
  6. Trim restoration

    Body Restoration
    I talked to some nice people at a company called Concourse Trim LLC. They had some examples of pot metal stuff they restored 1/2 of the part, and OMG its hard to believe it looked so good from what I would have considered Junk. They can straighten and polish stainless to show quality if its not...
  7. 3rd gen spare

    Wheels & Tires
    What size spares are you placing and securing behind your 3rd gen seats? I already have a driver side spare tire just above the lap belt. Yet it is too over inflated to use. I am trying to figure out what I will need to do to fit a spare behind the passenger seat. I thought about getting a 20...
  8. Torque Converter Efficiency

    Transmission & Drive line
    Since I am just getting back into cars and the prior high perf were all 4 speed, someone gave me a new phrase to become familiar with. This is not a drag car, instead I want reliability, performance with street manors. It has a 7004R with station wagon gears (probably 2.##) and 26 inch...
  9. San Antonio Raceway future uncertain!

    Region 13 (TX)
    San Antonio Raceway was put up for foreclosure auction yesterday and nobody showed up to bid on it. This means it goes back to the lender who is a Dentist in Dallas. The current, defaulting owner has 30 days to vacate the property.:frown2: Hopefully IHRA will step up and buy it. All this info...
  10. LED tail lights 70

    Electrical Systems
    Reasons for upgrade. Left tail light lens cracked, partial melting inside and very faded. Brake lights have been intermittent and dim when they work. Installing LED tail lights on 1970 El Camino. Tail lights purchased from Eckler's El Camino Store * Left...