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400 block sbc

  1. 79 elky ss 305 to 400sbc swap???s

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    I have a 79 El Camino SS with the stock 305 and th350 transmission. I was gonna beef up the 305 but a recent discovery of oil and coolant mix on the garage floor has got me wanting to just replace it. I have a hookup on a 400sbc with a 4 bolt main complete from intake to pan but am curious if it...
  2. 400 block help

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    ok guys im having trouble here. i have 2 el caminos a 78 and a 76. the 78 has a 350 and the 76 has a 400 the 76 is very rough shape, just for parts, and i want to take the engine out so build it up. but i only want to do this if i am sure it is a 400. the vin number on the car says 400...