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  1. 454 into a 69'

    Engine Topics
    Im trying to put a 454 into my 69 el camino and was wondering if anyone knew what motor mounts I will need .and where to get them. If you have an suggestions or advice please let me know
  2. Overheating 454 Elky

    Engine Topics
    The 454 is on a 10" lifted Tahoe chassis with a 1978 El Camino body. The image shows the suitably sized aluminum radiator with two possibly under-sized fans. (Mechanics have told me these fans are for a small block). After buying it I immediately noticed after 10 miles of triple-digit Phoenix...
  3. RAWR! 454 400turbotransauto ElkyTahoe 4x4

    RAWR! 454 400turbotransauto ElkyTahoe 4x4

    Many safety issues that need to be worked out in this forum. Stay tuned. Rides straight and true, runs good but wants to overheat in this southwest July weather. It made the trip from Phoenix to East New Mexico on July 13th 2020. Here it is on that trip at the Texas Canyon Rest Area on HWY 10...
  4. 73 454 as rough idle

    Engine Topics
    My 73 new carb/distributor and wires.runs rough/surges at stops even shuts off. It was doing this b4 the new components. Cant seen to find a vaccum leak ..
  5. 1974 454ss stock rear end gear ratio

    Transmission & Drive line
    Please, what was the stock rear end gear ratio mated to th ls4 454 in the 1974 super sport? Was the tranny a th400 with this engine?
  6. 1990 Chevrolet 454 SS ($15,000 or Best Offer)

    Cars for sale
    I'm posting this for a co-worker/friend of mine... 1990 Chevrolet 454SS($15,000 or Best Offer) Please Contact via: - email [email protected] - Call/Text 225-252-0175 (Ask for Mike) No paypal offers please! http://batonrouge.craigslist.org/cto/4202076875.html (See more...
  7. First 496 Stroker build

    Document your restorations and modifications
    Hey everyone, got my 400 SBC running pretty good but i started looking for a BBC replacement. Found an all stock 454 4 bolt main on craigslist with a cherry picker for $400. I just need the core block but this is my first time building a motor so tearing down the stock motor should be a good...
  8. To stroke or not to stroke...

    Engine Topics
    I talked to an engine builder today and he quoted me some prices. To be honest I don't really know what to look for or ask about. I told him I wanted a 400+ hp and 400+ ft. lb. motor to play around in. I also stated I would run my TH350 (built) and switch out my rear for a posi with mid 3 gears...
  9. Help with 73 454 motor mount location

    Engine Topics
    I apologize if this topic has been addressed too many times. I am new to the forum, and have searched for this topic, but haven't found anything yet. I am trying to get my car back on the road, and am losing time. If you know a thread that covers my question, please direct me there. Here is my...
  10. 454 to 496?

    Engine Topics
    been trying to do my research lately and from what i've found so far it isn't too big of a difference in price to do just a regular rebuild than to upgrade it to a 496 stroker...
  11. LS1 or 454? PLEASE HELP!!!

    Engine Topics
    Here's my dilemma: I want to tow about 4000lbs with my 72 Elky. I've got a basically stock 350 w/350 trany that's nowhere near up to the task. Pouring money into the 350 would be fun, but not the best option. I've boiled it down to two possibilities. A guy close by sells very clean LS1...
  12. 454 upgrades

    Performance Modifications
    i've got a stock 454 7.4l in my 74 Camino and i'm looking to upgrade the horsepower, right now its got the rochester quadrajet on it and an older edelbrock air intake on it but not sure of which type. i'm looking at a Holly 870cfm carb but would like some input here. there's not enough room...
  13. 454 swap NEED HELP

    Performance Modifications
    hey guys, i have a 78 el camino that i bought with a 350 small block. it drove great and was relliable. until i blew it up being a jackass and driving like a typical highschooler. a buddy of mine is selling a 454 big block for $500. i was wondering if i would just need to modify the engine...
  14. 77 elky for sale, 454, 10k obo

    Ebay / Craigslist Alert
    Cars located in vegas, my marriage isn't working out so I have to move back to Wisconsin... Can't afford to take the car with me.. It sucks. I just bought this baby and I have to give her up. There's and ad on craigslist the URL is http://lasvegas.craigslist.org/cto/1116628195.html - or you can...