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  1. Wanted Items
    Looking for the radiator core support, and INNER passenger side wheel well for my 1974. Previous owner must have had a problem with a leaking battery (purely speculation) as it appears rotted in only that area. I'm in Wisconsin (53022)... I know shipping on things this size/weight can...
  2. Body Restoration
    well I decided to send Killer off to the body shop. its been 3 months or so and (*^(*^(^& of money, but you only live once right.
  3. Body Restoration
    Got a 1977 El Camino recently as some of you might have seen. Yesterday we had a big rain and I noticed the rear floor pans were wet. I have yet to unbolt the outside panel in the bed to get to the smugglers box, but I would bet that's where it is coming from. Does anyone have any ideas on...
  4. Interior Restoration
    Now that I have posted about my newly bought 1977 El Camino. You can see that and some pictures here. It is time I start asking some questions. This is probably something simple but the drivers side seat belt seems to be stuck. The top portion of the seat belt seems to work fine if I fiddle with...
  5. General BS Topics
    After searching the local craigslist almost daily looking for another 5th gen I stumbled across something else that caught my eye. Say Hello to my New to me and now my second El Camino. 1977! 4th gen. Far from beautiful and a little bit of a work in progress but she seems to drive fine. Drove...
  6. Electrical Systems
    Worked on steering column wiring this weekend. If I can hear my emergency flasher unit flashing but no lights are blinking, where is the problem? All the lights and blinkers work appropriately on their own (except the white rear reverse lights, haven't figured that out yet).
  7. Document your restorations and modifications
    After 2 years of being a member, finally found time and inspiration to start my post! first of all let my introduce: I´m Juan ,mechanical enginner from Bogota ,Colombia, running a small speed shop for the last 20 years, my work is focused in engine building, custom turbo set ups, and tunning...
  8. Interior Restoration
    Hey guys, back again with restoration questions! I have seats in my '73 that look like they came from a conversion van, and want to replace them with something. Anything really. Found some 1970 Cutlass seats for sale, and I am asking the people who know, would these be a direct bolt in? Also, if...
  9. Electrical Systems
    Hey guys, So I bought this 4th Gen Elky about a month back now and I knew it was going to be a project. When I went down to take a look at her the fella selling it took me around seeing as I didn't have my license yet. When I did finally get down there to pick her up. I realized that when I...
  10. Wanted Items
    Can anyone please send me a series of pictures of a 4th gen El Camino (preferably the 1977 model) so that I can make 3D model for any future use? I just can't seem to find any model of the 4th gen. A series of 12-24 high resolution (min 1024x768 ) photos taken around the car (overlapping and...
  11. Interior Restoration
    had to rebuild this whole dash had take the old pad completely off all 4th gen owners know how hard it is to find a pad for these so i had to use spray foam, a plastic dash from opgi, and black silicone so after about three days i got it done
  12. Interior Restoration
    Did 4th gen's have a floor console option? Would a 3rd gen floor console fit? Have any 4th gen owners installed a floor console between the swivel buckets? I am going to install a B&M ratchet shifter and want a full length console to complete the look.
  13. General BS Topics
    76 ss http://s307.photobucket.com/albums/nn313/bbcrack/hellcamino/
1-13 of 15 Results