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  1. RAWR! 454 400turbotransauto ElkyTahoe 4x4

    Many safety issues that need to be worked out in this forum. Stay tuned. Rides straight and true, runs good but wants to overheat in this southwest July weather. It made the trip from Phoenix to East New Mexico on July 13th 2020. Here it is on that trip at the Texas Canyon Rest Area on HWY 10...
  2. Document your restorations and modifications
    Everyone keeps saying use the frame from an s10 long bed, a k5 blazer, or an 80's shortbed chevy. To me the s10 would be to thin and weak and the k5 is (as far as I've researched) only 104-106 inch wheelbase and the 5th gen elky has 117 inch. Which leaves the 80's short bed 4x4 which is like...
  3. Body Restoration
    Hello everyone. Was looking around forms Google, Craigslist etc...and I've seen many 4X4 El Caminos. Some great and some...:neutral2:. Now before the NECOA seizes me Elky from me just hear me out. I'm not looking to jack it up, put the biggest tires I can find then paint it camo. (No offense if...
  4. Wanted Items
    okay im in central florida and have my 87 camino that is a pro touring car and im not tearing that car up for anything. but i also want a lifted camino prefer 83-87 or 68-69 and wanna possibly buy one already done. know of any out there?
1-4 of 5 Results