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  1. Out of the Box

    Suspension & Steering
    I have been searching for a donor frame for my 1947 Olds Convertible. I have recently acquired a 1974 El Camino SS with the body a complete "Total", rusted & rotted, interior, lets just say that there is no way to breath inside even with the doors open. So I have searched the net for frame specs...
  2. '75 El Camino Heater Box Gasket/Seal?

    Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
    Hello all, I'm in the process of putting a/c back into my 1975 Sprint. The car is a factory a/c car. I'm curious if anyone knows about a gasket or appropriate sealant to affix the box of the firewall? Also, can anyone share an "a/c system" walk through? I've got a mess of parts and a good...