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  1. Buying 1979 V8 El Camino SS - Is $1500 a Good Deal?

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    1) Hey fellas, so I found someone selling a 1979 V8 El Camino SS for $1500. Kinda beat up inside and out (minor rust and cosmetic problems), but apparently it runs fine. I saw the body/paint too; paint is kind of worn, body is fine (besides a few rust spots). Here is his description: "...
  2. My '78

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    Hey guys I have a 1978 el camino that is basically just the body and freshly painted chassis. The body is in really good condition with no rust just the odd dings, it just needs the body work and some fresh paint and it should look nice. I also have a completely fresh interior with new carpets...
  3. New to Forum! Searching for 1st El Camino!

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    Thanks to DONE DEAL DONNY who invited me to El Camino Central! I'm looking for my first El Camino in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. Any pointers? Hoping to find an Elco that is decent enough to be daily driver as I add my own identity to it. Thanks in advance.
  4. Need Advice for ls1 Swap into 86'

    LT1/LS1/EFI Tech
    I will soon become the new owner of a lightly built ls1. We are getting it from some friends who have been building smallblocks for race boats and racecars for years. It's a very good deal, the heads have some port and polish work done to them, better pushrods, valve springs, and comp cams...
  5. Hello all, and buying advice

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    Hello everybody. I have dreamt of having an El Camino since i first started really hankering for a car. I'm 15 now, and about a month away from getting my lisence, and i think i struck a deal with my dad to use my car as a dinghy for our RV, instead of my mom's car. When driving to my...
  6. New B info and a question from Michigan

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    Hello all, My name is Paul from Southwest Michigan. Took a 71 SS 454 4sp in on trade for my 2004 Harley. Nice CA car, needs paint and minor odds and ends. Anyhow, I'm well underway with it and i'm looking for A/C lines, compressor/brkts, and condenser. It is a factory A/C car. The MAIN...