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  1. Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
    I am new here and I have a 1984 El Camino, and since I got her I have been battling with the AC and heater. I have finally got them to blow through the vents, before it would only go through the defroster and floor. Turns out all needed needed to do was to plug the line into the EGR valve but...
  2. Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
    I have a 80 El Camino Conquista and the A/C has started showing some strange behavior in the past few weeks. 1) The air conditioner/heater will only blow through the vent on the top of the dash meant for the defrost. It will not switch back down to blow on you. 2) The A/C shuts off when I...
  3. Suspension & Steering
    well my 87 already has a set of air shocks in it installed by the previous owner i guess but there old and leaking so i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on new replacement air shocks i should get or a better alternative im open to new ideas
  4. Engine Topics
    I own a 1987 Elky, with the 262, 4.3L. TBI. i also have the ORIGINAL air cleaner assembly and is the only thing in the engine compartment with a little surface rust. I am interested in upgrading to a chrome unit. (The one that has no walls and an open air element) However, i am having...
  5. Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
    :dontknow:Can anyone give me step by step replacement of anything that needs replacing on a 1965, I dont even know where to start
1-5 of 6 Results