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  1. Audio
    So i am getting a cb radio for my 79 El Camino Conquista but dont know what to do for whips/antennas. I have no normal radio antenna on the front fender area so i couldnt rig something up from that. So I originally wanted to put two 4 foot whips on but the only place i could think of to mount...
  2. Wanted Items
    Hi, My El Camino got stolen and got recovered luckily. Unfortunately they stole my chrome around the left and right sides near the top of the back and the back of the trunk as well. It is the real think strips. They also stole the antenna. They also stole the 2 side bed rails or cargo rails I am...
  3. Audio
    Okay well i have a '79 caballero and i want to put a new radio in it. I plan on getting just a am fm and cd radio that is sattelite ready, and then getting the tuner to get sattelite. But i have a problem, im not sure if its my antenna or my radio, but my current one gets very bad reception and...
1-3 of 3 Results