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  1. Ignition Upgrades & Discussion Forum
    I finally need to rebuild my starter on my '77 Super Sport after nearly 40 years of service! Does anyone have an overview of removing this starter? In inspecting the starter area, it is much tighter than I expected for removal of the starter. There is a stabilizing bar as well as the...
  2. Transmission & Drive line
    I recently bought a 67 roller, I have a fresh 454 laying around but this car had a standard transmission. I could easily convert to 400AT but it has a 410 rear end and would rather have the highway option. I've been looking at the tremec 5 speeds but they are out of my budget. I saw some used...
  3. Transmission & Drive line
    Original transmission (automatic), worked fine but had a leak, had to drop the pan and replace all the seals, put it all back together and now its only got reverse, had no shavings, and the fluid was fine before, havent pulled it back apart yet to check again any ideas why it would only have...
1-3 of 3 Results