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bed access panel

  1. 1966 bed compared to 1967

    Body Restoration
    Is the front bed pan the same on a 1966 and 1967? The part of the bed above the smugglers box. What about the rest of the bed? Anybody know of a supplier where I could order a complete bed for a 1966? Or do people just have that custom fabricated? How hard is it to replace? Thanks.
  2. '65 El Camino Smugglers Box Panel (also called a bed access lift panel)

    Body Restoration
    Hi all, Somebody (everybody?) Knows what I'm talking about here; the smugglers box panel, aka bed access lift panel, aka the never ending headache is not available for 64-66 re-pop ANYWHERE. The one that I have is pitted (a lot)! I sandblasted the rust and then treated it with Piclex rust...