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  1. Rust in the bed of my 77

    Body Restoration
    Posted this under a previous heading which was a bit crap and didn't really describe the problem, so reposting again. There's a bit of rust coming up in the bed (right up the front, near where the bolted panel is right behind the window). Also the tiniest bit starting to show under the rear...
  2. Looking for Lift panel smugglers box update ideas

    Body Restoration
    Hi everyone! I have a 1965 el camino malibu driver and am looking for ideas on how to turn the lift panel / smugglers box into useful storage. I’ve been looking hard through the forums and on the internet in general but just keep turning up the same results. It either old threads or references...
  3. Rear Quarter panel and inside bed replacement

    Body Restoration
    I have to replace the rear quarter panel on my 81. That should be a somewhat easy thing to do. However I also want to remove and replace then inner portion of the bed on the same side. Has anybody here done that? If so can I get a little insight on what will need to be done? I will probably get...
  4. El Camino Bed Cap. Yes? or No?

    Body Restoration
    I apologize in advance if I am posting this in the wrong section. Okay, now I have found a 78-87 El Camino bed cap for sale. It is $125 not in the best shape but you know I've seen worse. So good deal or bad deal? Also do you think the bed caps look neat or aren't even worth the money?
  5. Weird bed cap?

    Body Restoration
    I saw this bed cap on facebook the owner Dom Esposito was asking about the cap on a 1974 SS and she was told to ask the people on el camino central. I do not believe the owner has posted about it yet but I am also very curious about this bed cap. Does anyone no anything about it? Here is a...
  6. Cargo Hooks (5th Gen): Where Can I Buy

    Wanted Items
    I have cargo hooks in the bed (apparently a dealer installed option) of 1985 EC. Yesterday I got all the mounting points straightened out as some had apparently pulled out under load. I installed new nutserts to fix these areas and painted the bed with por15. Now I need new cargo hooks as the...
  7. Wanted: Portion of 5th generation bed floor

    Wanted Items
    I am in the midst of restoring my 5th generation bed (i.e., 1985). I have some small rust spots that I want to replace with welded in patches. As a result, I am looking for a section of 5th generation bed in very good to excellent condition to use to create patch panels. Dimensions of the bed...
  8. Wanted: Portion of 5th generation bed floor

    Body Restoration
    I am repairing my bed floor and have found four or five rust spots in the bed of my fifth generation EC. As a result I am looking to purchase a piece of good bed say 1' x 1' to as big as 2' x2'. My intention is to create patch panels from the good bed and then weld then into the existing bed...