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  1. Wanted Items
    Hello everyone: I'm in search of a bench seat that would fit my '65. The current seat is bolted to the floor (I'm okay with that part), but the seats do not fold foward, which is a major pain. Also anything that uses the rails would be welcomed as well. I'm located in Colorado, so reasonable...
  2. Interior Restoration
    after getting my el camino i decided to start stripping the interior but i needed to get the old seat/bench out. I got one of the 4 bolts holding the bench in place but the other 3 are rusted in or just destroyed, any tips on how to get them out or just breakem?
  3. Wanted Items
    I just know somebody here replaced his bench seat with buckets, and that old bench seat is just sitting around. My car came from the PO with a non-tilt bench. That does not seem correct original, as the spare tire really is not accessible without the tilt function. Did someone switch my seat...
  4. Wanted Items
    Looking for a bench seat for my 5th gen. Wanting a split 60 40 seat. If anyone near the fort walton beach/ pensacola area has one I have cash in hand.
  5. Interior Restoration
    I need to remove my head rests from a bench seat from my 81. I believe it is original. But the seat also has ash trays on the back of each side so it could have come from another vehicle like a Malibu or something with a back seat. Not sure. But I need to take them off to put on my new seat...
  6. Interior Restoration
    Can anyone verify what year vehicle this bench seat came from? Thanks!
  7. Interior Restoration
    Does anybody know how to take out the factory bench seat in a 5th gen? I have a 79 and i need to take out my bench so i can work inside the smugglers box easier.
  8. Interior Restoration
    First post, hello all. I just acquired a 69 bench seat for my 68 El Camino. After taking out the bucket seats that came with the car, and looking through the spare hardware that came with the car, I'm a little unclear on just how the bench seat is meant to be installed. I have two box-shaped...
1-8 of 9 Results