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  1. headlight bezels needed - 73 laguna frontend

    Wanted Items
    Does anyone have or know where I can buy a set of headlight bezels for a 1973 Laguna front end? I am putting a 73 Laguna front end on my 76 El Camino. Found the front end can't find the headlight bezels. I've searched everywhere and am hoping someone can come to the rescue.
  2. Dash Help

    Wanted Items
    Anybody know where I can find the plastic housing that the Dash Bezel screws to, that holds gauges, light switch, etc.......I tried OPGI, Ecklers, and the El Camino Store......any help would be appreciated, 1982 Elky, thanks, Terry :dontknow:
  3. Will an 86-88 faceplate/radio bezel fit an 83?

    My son just bought a cd player to install in his 83 elky. I do not want to cut up the faceplate/radio bezel to install. Looking online I found some 86-88 that kinda look like the same bezel, but do not have the knob holes that the 83 has. I am just wondering if one of these will fit, or if we...