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  1. Radiator change needed for a 454 into a 77 El Camino?

    Engine Topics
    Hi all, So I've got a near stock 454 (small cam, manifold, Holley 650) from a 77 C10 that I've rebuilt and am slotting into my 77 El Camino, that was stock with a 350, auto, PS and air. On the subject of radiators, what's everyone's opinion on whether the stock one will do it? Is there a...
  2. Have to Rant!

    General BS Topics
    I am going to rant about some stuff, leave now if your under 18 or don't have mommy's permission to be on [email protected] My wife was a victim of an illegal stop this evening by Texas Department of Public Safety, be forewarned, They don't need a reason to stop YOU! She was in my 2010 Chevy 2500. The cop...
  3. 5th gen with Big Block, questions

    Performance Modifications
    Hey, this is for 5th gen big block owners. I'm having fan/shroud clearance issues. I've had a BBC in my 5th gen for probably 25 years, but can't remember if I ever had a mechanical fan on it. My car now has a Champ's aluminum oil pan on it so I can't compare clearance, although I seem to...
  4. Texas Tune-Up

    Performance Modifications
    This is how some of us Texans do a major tune up. 11's to slow must go faster!:texas:
  5. To stroke or not to stroke...

    Engine Topics
    I talked to an engine builder today and he quoted me some prices. To be honest I don't really know what to look for or ask about. I told him I wanted a 400+ hp and 400+ ft. lb. motor to play around in. I also stated I would run my TH350 (built) and switch out my rear for a posi with mid 3 gears...