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  1. Electrical Systems
    I have been going without a high speed fan for years... but I moved to Utah and so it's time to fix it since it gets really cold and really hot here... So there's three possibilities as I can imagine... Relay, Resistor, or Switch. Any tips on testing, likely sources, etc. before I dive in? I...
  2. Performance Modifications
    Hi, my name is nick and i had a question regarding blower scoops, i have a 78 El Camino with a 305, and intend to keep it all original(engine, interior ect), just custom. I am building this engine to make 300+ horses. The only problem is that i have hood clearance issues and am not adding a...
  3. Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
    in my El Camino, on the inside of the firewall, the box that is the main duct system that has most of the cables hooked to it, is very cracked and brittle, does anyone know either somewhere to get another or how to fix this? im clueless:dontknow: also, i checked out opgi and el camino store but...
  4. Electrical Systems
    Does anyone know where the blower switch for a 1965 is supposed to be located or whether it should be incorperated with the other controls for the a/c and heater? thanks guys
1-4 of 4 Results