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  1. Header Panel Modification

    Body Restoration
    Anyone out there know what the material the Header Panel is made of on 84 Elky. I would like to modify another one, first one came out awesome until hit head on by a new Chevy 4x4. I would like to adhere to it with fiberglass, but am unsure if stock is fiberglass or SMC or something else. Any...
  2. Attempt at 5th gen Body off.

    Body Restoration
    It has been a while since I have made any progress on my 85 El Camino I had acquired at age 14. Me and a couple buddies have decided it might be worth taking the body off the frame to fix things such as floor pans, bed floor and go ahead and slap some rust bullet (if you recommend a different...
  3. Body restoration Bolt Kit

    Body Restoration
    SO....I've had the wife helping me deconstruct my 5th Gen Elco for the Rod Shop to install a new motor / trans and paint the engine bay and such while it was apart. This is how it's setting now. BLESS HER HEART! She made a comment "are you going to re-use these nasty looking bolts?!" This got...
  4. '64-'67 tailgate inner panels?

    Wanted Items
    I am just getting started guys and hoped I could round up the few little body parts my '66 is missing. Anybody have the inner panels for the tailgate, including the two inspection panels and the "ribbed" dress panel that matches the bed floor? Mine is missing all 3 and I am just about ready to...
  5. Body to bumper fillers

    Wanted Items
    Hello, I'm looking for the rear body to bumper filler pieces for a 5th gen. Need the 2 corners and middle piece. Thanks, Jon
  6. Weight Question

    Body Restoration
    I was wondering if anybody knows the weight of a completely stripped 87 body and frame weight. I'm going to do a body off build, and I need to know the weights
  7. 78 Roof Panel

    Body Restoration
    I've been searching around , with no luck finding a replacement roof panel for my 78 el camino . I have only found weld in replacements for 68-72 . My original idea was to cut out the rusted panel , and have a sheet metal replacement formed and welded in its place. I need some direction ...
  8. 4X4 5th gen?

    Body Restoration
    Hello everyone. Was looking around forms Google, Craigslist etc...and I've seen many 4X4 El Caminos. Some great and some...:neutral2:. Now before the NECOA seizes me Elky from me just hear me out. I'm not looking to jack it up, put the biggest tires I can find then paint it camo. (No offense if...
  9. Replacing Cracked Front End

    Body Restoration
    My stepdad and I decided to make his stepdad's old 1978 El Camino our project car. We've had it sitting in a corner of our property for about 10 years now, so we've got alot of work to be done. There's quite alot of damage on the front end, aside from the bumper, and we're looking to get it...
  10. Side body clips for 1982

    Body Restoration
    I need to put the side trim along both sides and the tailgate of my 1982 Elky. However these clips are very expensive (3$ a piece) and I don't have enough in my budget to buy all of them. Is it necessary to actually put a clip on each nub or could I get by with just putting a few clips on each...
  11. What is this part called and where can i find it

    Body Restoration
    Due to a recent towing accident the front end of my 77 was damaged. I am not sure what the piece is called nor where i can find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Other cars that patch pieces could be cut from for behind the doors?

    Body Restoration
    My '79 Elky unfortunately has some pretty bad body rust between the doors and the rear wheel well. Since I'm operating on a shoestring budget and the actual patch panels are definitely not in that budget, I'm hoping to find a car in a salvage yard that I can cut the pieces from to weld in...
  13. '78 Elk body customization

    Body Restoration
    Alright.... I figured since I have some cancer spots on this ol' girl that I should do some custom body work while I'm fixin the holes. I've thought of two ideas for the rear lights and bumper. Tell me what you think. Idea #1: Roll Pan replacing stock bumper and using Caddy lights...
  14. Looking for Photoshop Mock-up of Various Paint Schemes

    Body Restoration
    I am looking for a company/person that does mock-ups of various paint combinations and looks (with/wo ground effects). Does anybody of such a person or company? If so how much does such a mock-up cost. Thanks
  15. Wanted: Portion of 5th generation bed floor

    Body Restoration
    I am repairing my bed floor and have found four or five rust spots in the bed of my fifth generation EC. As a result I am looking to purchase a piece of good bed say 1' x 1' to as big as 2' x2'. My intention is to create patch panels from the good bed and then weld then into the existing bed...
  16. Help needed for 1983 smuggler's rot!

    Body Restoration
    Well, finally ready to tackle some rust issues over winter. Interior and carpet are out, including the smugglers box, which is where I found quite the problem. The floors were in decent shape but both corners of the box area are completely rotted out. Under the box the rot has taken the two body...
  17. dumb question (body style)

    General BS Topics
    This is kind of a dumb question, but how do I know what body style my newly purchased el camino is? I am far from ever being a mechanic, an am new to all the differences in the body styles and other generations. I've always thought they were cool as a kid, and it just so happened that one was...
  18. 3rd generation bumpers

    Body Restoration
    1968 tailgates have the back up lights in the bumpers, but 69-72 have them in the tailgate i think. i have only found 68 rear bumpers that fit my 70. is it correct for them to have the backup light holes in the bumper even thought they are really in the tailgate? where can i get a 70 rear bumper...
  19. Doors for a 76 mod

    Body Restoration
    First thread, long time owner. I have a 76 with allot of rust in the doors. I'm not very handy when it comes to body work and hope to replace them. The car has allot of body rust but if I could get some new doors on it I'll be allot closer to getting it on the road again. I live in Norway...