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  1. No brake lights + Speeding 10 over = $500 ticket

    Electrical Systems
    So the other day I got caught doing 72 in a 55 zone (Speedo dont work). State boy wrote it down as 65 to help me out a bit BUT he also got me for no brake lights on the elcamino. I told him I didnt know which was a lie. He wrote me up on them to cover his butt if I got rear ended. The issue with...
  2. Help with double flare?

    Brake Systems
    Hey folks... I'm having a real bear of a time getting a double-flare in some 1/4" line. It doesn't help that it's up underneath, and we all know how much fun it is working on your back.... Anyhow, i don't know if the tubing is just too hard (old or thick?) or what, but even when i clamp the...