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  1. Interior Restoration
    Happy Holidays everyone, I'm trying to get started on my interior this winter and am having a tough time deciding on sport bucket seats (not original). I don't care to spend much past $750 for the entire package, just need something that holds me in place. The best I've seen so far is from...
  2. Interior Restoration
    Saw an add for some bucket seats and the guy me they came out of a 78 El Camino. Can anyone confirm these are stock 5th gen seats? Incase it isn't apparent I have a Bench seat right now that's why I'm not sure what the bucket seats are suppose to look like.
  3. Wanted Items
    4 or 5 point harnesses wanted, black, latch style release preferred. Probably the wrong site for this, but may as well give it a shot! :beer:
  4. Interior Restoration
    I am doing a complete restore of a 73 and one problem I have not resolved is replacing the single bench seat with buckets preferably from a 99-02 Camaro. Is there any brackets, rails or mounts available for this or anyone with experience in fabricating custom seat mounts? Thanks
  5. Interior Restoration
    I'm thinking of buying a bench seat from a member for my 67. He's got a split bench from a 71. Does anyone know if these seats are the same size. My car currently has a set of buckets so I don't even have a base comparison to start with. Thank you
  6. Interior Restoration
    Hey guys i own a 1977 elko classic with a 350 , its an automatic with a column shift , and split bench seats , but on the passenger side the teeth are all ground down so if i brake too fast and someones sitting there they slide a little , and i'm looking to put some bucket seats in its place but...
  7. Interior Restoration
    Greetings my el camino brethren, I am curious of what seating options have you considered or possibly using? I catch myself going to the boneyard alot and asking myself have anyone else thought of this or have already done it. I currently have a factory bench seating in my '86. Comes in handy...
1-7 of 7 Results