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  1. Royal Knight Build Sheet.jpg

    Royal Knight Build Sheet.jpg

    Build sheet.
  2. Build Sheet Codes

    RPO Codes
    I recently came across the original build sheet for my 1970 El Camino. Does anyone know where I could get a document to find out what all the codes mean?? I know what all the RPO codes mean in section 107 like Z25 and L34. I would like to know what the specific section codes mean for the 123...
  3. Cowl tag decoder please

    RPO Codes
    Hi I have bought a 83 elcamino was told it was a ss but upon inspection i have other thoughts! http://elcaminocentral.com/images/smilies/dontknow.gif looking thru build tags i am seeing different on mine. can some one please help me decipher mine? Thanking you all for any help! D 03D 1GW80 R...
  4. 1978 Black Knight Build Sheets

    Tips & Tricks
    Ecrancher reports that he recently purchased two 1978 Black Knight Elkys build at the Kansas City plant. Both were found to have their BUILD SHEET located above the headliner on the passenger side. Good information that can be searched on. Thanks, John.....................Ken quote] Ecrancher...
  5. finding build sheet and RPO codes ???

    Document your restorations and modifications
    I have strung my brain, :???: not to mention my patience, trying to find out where I can go to get a copy of the original build sheet and the RPO codes for my particular 1971 El Camino SS...right now the body is on my rotissierre and parts are stacked neatly everywhere but no sighting of a build...