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    Hi guys i’m kinda new to this and el caminos in general. I’ve found a 72 that claims to be an ss and is asking 10k. From stuff i’ve read here and other places online it looks to me as if it’s a clone but like i said i’m not an expert at all and don’t know what to look for. Says it’s a 350 motor...
  2. Hunting for a daily driver elkie

    Region 6 (FL)
    Hi all, I got a promotion ($$$) at work and I finally feel comfortable enough to snoop around for my dream ride. Anybody in the West Palm Beach or Boca area selling or know of somebody selling an elkie that is solid enough for a daily driver? I don't have room or (enough) gear to properly...
  3. Should I buy this El Camino?!?!

    General BS Topics
    I am torn - it's cheap as balls but it's in rough shape and I'm in sort of a financial bind but I could make it work if I eat Ramen noodles for the next 3 months. I don't want to pass up a good buy but I also don't want to screw myself. http://miami.craigslist.org/brw/cto/5042519781.html...
  4. New guy from Kentucky. (Originally from Michigan)

    For New Forum Members Only
    Hello everyone, I just wanted to get to know the community and possibly buy an El Camino in the near future. I'm currently 15 going on 16, so it's about that time when i should be looking for a car. (and don't worry I am a somewhat experienced driver so I wouldn't do anything stupid with my...
  5. Buying 1979 V8 El Camino SS - Is $1500 a Good Deal?

    For New Forum Members Only
    1) Hey fellas, so I found someone selling a 1979 V8 El Camino SS for $1500. Kinda beat up inside and out (minor rust and cosmetic problems), but apparently it runs fine. I saw the body/paint too; paint is kind of worn, body is fine (besides a few rust spots). Here is his description: "...
  6. Where to buy a 200-4r?

    Transmission & Drive line
    Within the next year or so, I will be installing a crate engine or going with an ls engine, I will be pushing close to 400hp. I would like to stick with the 200-4r, and want to know of a good place to buy one that can take the abuse. I have heard of so many places like monster, extreme...
  7. New to El Camino's and hoping to buy.

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    Hello all! I'm new to the forum and to El Camino's, but I've always found them quite appealing. Both aesthetically and from a practical point. From what research I've done I've figured which generations really appeal to me. I Absolutely Love the look of the third generation El Caminos (In...
  8. Hello all, and buying advice

    For New Forum Members Only
    Hello everybody. I have dreamt of having an El Camino since i first started really hankering for a car. I'm 15 now, and about a month away from getting my lisence, and i think i struck a deal with my dad to use my car as a dinghy for our RV, instead of my mom's car. When driving to my...