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  1. Wanted Items
    In 1966 my dad order an El Camino with a remote cable adjusted drivers door mirror. That same year the mirror was broken off and the dealer replaced it with an aftermarket mirror. The aftermarket mirror does not have the bow tie but my dad insists the original had the bow tie even with the...
  2. LT1/LS1/EFI Tech
    I recently rebuilt my LT1 that I had installed in my '81 El Camino and I am trying to clean up the engine compartment. I fully admit that the first time around install was messy and some what jerry rigged but it ran and was a ton of fun. So now I am trying to figure out how to eliminate my...
  3. Interior Restoration
    My cruise control "controller" is gone and the speedo cable from the back of the cluster is just hangin out under the hood, with this said can I just get a cable for same year that didn't have cruise? If so they have 1 w/o cruise & w/o adapter or w/o cruise & w/ adapter. Which one would I need...
1-3 of 3 Results