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  1. 231 v6 to 350 swap in CA

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    Hey fellas so my question is this. Could I go find a doner car with a 305/350 with all of its CA smog equipment, OBD I like the 231 system on it now , and put all of its CA Smog material on my 84 El camino then toss in a SBC 350 from Jegs? Will ANY of the smog equipment currently on the 231...
  2. Reg 18 California Historic Vehicle Plates

    Region 18 (CA)
    This is a California question. Is anyone running CA Historic Vehicle plates? My registration is $160/yr. It looks like Historical Vehicle is $45. Not sure if that is one time or annual. Does this remove the registration and weight fees yearly? Could I save enough to pay for an hour's time...
  3. Hi all, Nice to be here!! Cruisin' in Cali!!

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    This site is AWESOME!! So much info...I'm addicted!! Glad to be a part of it! :cali:
  4. sometimes you have to wonder what goes through a persons head..

    General BS Topics
    pointless rant warning, I have a friend who i have known for years, I know he trusts me and im the closest thing to a mechanic that he knows personally. His car needed to be smogged (annoying CA smog check) and i told him multiple times, even focused on making a point of how important it was to...
  5. 305 350 California Swap

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    1985 305 350 California Engine Swap Questions at end. Goal:Good dependability and smogable. The guy at Jegs says the engine below will drop right in. The CA Smog Referee says do it and re-install the smog stuff. He said treat it as a "replacement" engine. NEW Jegs 350 Engine Components...