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  1. '68 and the 'lil engine that can

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    Since the Camino is closer to "done", my dad {he's also 68} and I are getting the car ready for the LSA/6L90E transplant.
  2. Does Claret(Maroon) Interior Go with White Exterior?

    Interior Restoration
    I am in the process of doing body work, prepping for paint and putting my 305 back together in my 85EC. Now I am thinking about what color to paint the exterior and whether the existing Claret(AKA Maroon)INTERIOR "works" or is too jarring if I paint the exterior a Dover White with Hugger Orange...
  3. El Corvette or Camero ???

    Interior Restoration
    Among the many, MANY things I'm thinking about doing to my 72 is peppier engine and a custom interior of some sort. I've been looking at engines on Craigslist. A really nice engine can be had for $3,000 - $5,000. But is seems that I could get a wrecked Corvette or Camaro for the same price and...