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  1. Interior Restoration
    So… I was sitting in my driveway and then this happened!
  2. Wanted Items
    I have a 73' elky, and I do a lot of camping and antiquing in it, and I could just really use one. color doesn't matter, as long as there's no cracks or missing windows. I'm currently staioned at Wright Patterson AFB, so it's going to have to be in the Dayton OH area, Or Northwestern PA where...
  3. Body Restoration
    I apologize in advance if I am posting this in the wrong section. Okay, now I have found a 78-87 El Camino bed cap for sale. It is $125 not in the best shape but you know I've seen worse. So good deal or bad deal? Also do you think the bed caps look neat or aren't even worth the money?
  4. Body Restoration
    I saw this bed cap on facebook the owner Dom Esposito was asking about the cap on a 1974 SS and she was told to ask the people on el camino central. I do not believe the owner has posted about it yet but I am also very curious about this bed cap. Does anyone no anything about it? Here is a...
1-4 of 4 Results