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  1. 87 SS 305 small block 22k miles

  2. 1986 CCC anomaly?

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    I just bought my first El Camino on Friday, and I've spent the last few days researching it as much as possible. I have CCC DE6 #1170, from the tag on the door and the numbers match my VIN. It's got bucket seats, the hood scoop with emblems, side exhaust, door emblems, the CCC train on the dash...
  3. Choo Choo Aluminum Side Molding

    Body Restoration
    I am hoping some of the CCC enthusiasts can help me out here. I am just trying to figure out what was original on the side molding. I realize that we cannot buy this stuff anymore and that people have been just removing it from their cars, but I would like to know what is "original". I...
  4. 85 ELco code24 not moving can't figure it out

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    Sup New to the central Been lurking for years I got an 85 elcamino. Pretty sure stocker 305 with quadrajet e4me. Just got a reman carb from national. I keep getting obd1 code 24 after car goes into loop. Wheels aren't turning. I know it says disregard the code if that's the case but tell that...
  5. More CCC/ECM info

    Electrical Systems
    more in tech pages also.. have fun..:eek2: some is copy's http://www.robertpowersmotorsports.com/CCC.html http://performanceolds307.tripod.com/id1.html http://performanceolds307.tripod.com/id5.html http://www.montecarloss.com/community/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=890550 . .