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  1. charging problem

    Electrical Systems
    my 77 el Camino was running fine but then when driving home from work the charge light came on so I took off the negative cable and it died so I had the alternator checked and it was fine so was the battery now I don't know what to do can someone help me with this
  2. NEED help with charging system on an 84 elcamino

    Electrical Systems
    i have an 84 elcamino.i have new battery, starter and altenator. all have been tested and good. its not charging right. the voltage output on the altenator jumps around and it test good out of the car.if i use my headlights or heater the voltge immediatley drops and goes pretty much to the red.i...
  3. Please help- how to diagnose drain on battery

    Electrical Systems
    Hi, I posted on here a couple months ago with a similar question. Basically my battery is draining while the engine is on and I would really appreciate any advice on how to diagnose it. I realized this the hard way when the car died in the middle of an intersection and I had to push it through...