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  1. 1973 Chevrolet El Camino

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    Hi Fella's Can you help me figure out if this 73' is in fact a Super Sport? I am currently unable to attach pictures of the trim tag and vehicle. Best, Michael
  2. Aww yeah! (check it out)1971

    General BS Topics
    So......I got the 85 cabby, and the 81 elky. Now its time for a 71 to join them, gonna go pick it up tomorrow for 1500 bucks. these pictures were taken years ago when I didn't have the 2 grand the guy wanted. ummm.......I dunno, might have the engine rebuilt blah blah blah , might end up trying...
  3. 1975 El Camino Transmission questions

    Transmission & Drive line
    Hello, I used to check these forums all the time but that was a long time ago and I stopped checking in. I have a 1975 Super Sport El Camino that my father bought from a friend about 10 years ago as a project and first car for me. The Elky was made in Fremont, CA and has a 350 smallblock 2bolt...
  4. better headlights

    Electrical Systems
    I'm restoring a 1971 Chevy el camino and the headlights are really dim for the roads i drive does anyone know of any headlights that will be brighter and mount right up without cutting anything off the original front end or changing a wiring system hardcore?
  5. '65 "T" Hood Emblem

    Body Restoration
    Looking for the "T" for 1965 hood emblem. Hope someone has replaced their's with new and kept old one