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    1982 chevy El camino
  2. Other Vehicle Discussions
    Well my 2002 Grand Cherokee Overlands 4.7 H.O. Decided it was going to have a few rod bearings for lunch over the weekend and it got me thinking.. Can I swap a small block Chevy or Ford in it? Has anyone ever done this before that you know of? The 4.7 block is toast with a crack leaking...
  3. Engine Topics
    Here in the next couple of months I'm going to be pulling my smallblock and 4 speed tranny to make painting the engine bay easier and it needs a new oil pan gasket and rear main seal and the tranny needs a few new seals. What I want to know is what am I getting myself into? I'm not doing a...
  4. Cars for sale
    I'm posting this for a co-worker/friend of mine... 1990 Chevrolet 454SS($15,000 or Best Offer) Please Contact via: - email [email protected] - Call/Text 225-252-0175 (Ask for Mike) No paypal offers please! http://batonrouge.craigslist.org/cto/4202076875.html (See more...
  5. Engine Topics
    Doing a little overhaul to a mildly built chevy 350 that's sat in storage quite some time. I primed the oil system, lubed the cylinders and it turned over freely with no issues. It's now been taken apart down to the shortblock. Just as I thought it's bored 30 over. It's a 70's block 2 piece...
  6. Region 8 (OH,WV)
    Just wondering if there's any events coming up in the central Ohio area? Im restoring my Caballero and would love to get insight and tips from people first hand and also show off what i have accomplished.
  7. Engine Topics
    So I just finished swapping the 305 out of my 84 Caballero and replacing it with a GM Performance 350. I am using the stock flexplate along with a smaller starter to clear my headers. The starter was on my old block with two shims across the top of the nose but when I put it on my new block I...
  8. Electrical Systems
    Just tested mine, no juice whatsoever! So I found the culprit to my battery always dead. Someone on CL has a chevy alternator that looks identical to mine for only $20 it looks in good condition too, says he pulled it out of his sand rail... Your thoughts? Too cheap to be true?
  9. Document your restorations and modifications
    just purchased my first Chevy El Camino Caballero:beer: so excited to have one and so excited to be a part of El Camino central
  10. Cars for sale
    1968 El Camino ‘80’s 350 with 16,000 miles, 2 speed rebuilt Power Glide transmission. Brand new custom Cragar Quick Trick 15x8 wheels and BF Goodrich T/A Radials, Edelbrock Carburetor, recent tune-up: new plugs, wires, cap/rotor, new aircleaner, new battery, new fuel pump, new car alarm, new...
  11. Product Review
    I would like to give this Automotive Parts company a thumbs up for their truthful advertising, reasonable prices and shipping costs, and assistance in the parts search. I purchased 4 "date-correct" wheels for my '68 from this supplier over Craigslist. Throughout the contact they were very...
  12. Region 24 Europe
    Hello there. Just wanted to start this thread for my El Camino. Latest news is that she'll be arriving on 9th of july and I am so excited. Will be posting fresh pictures as soon as possible. I guess I'll be using this thread as a diary for my El Camino.
  13. Parts for sale
    This is a REAL SuperSport; I found the matching build sheet under the gas tank. It is a project, has the original TH400 Trans and 3.31 12 bolt in the car. The 396 engine was long gone when I bought the car. Cowl Induction hood (no flapper), Disc brakes, A/C car. Has some rust in the normal...
1-13 of 13 Results