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  1. Choke Question-possible conversion. Rochester Quadrajet on 305

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    Hey y'all. I have recently been having problems with the choke on my quadrajet. I let the engine warm for quite a while but the choke wont open and the RPMs wont kick down. I replaced the choke thermostat thinking that might do the trick, Not sure if I didnt set it right or what. But When I...
  2. '79 Starts Great Cold, but Impossible Warm

    Engine Topics
    So, this is a problem I have been experiencing for too long, to the point that I limit my El Camino driving to one way trips to work and back, without any side stops. Here are the symptoms: She will start immediately on the coldest or hottest day and get me to work just fine. After an 8-hour...
  3. Question about Choke

    Engine Topics
    Hello, I'm trying to determine if I have a manual choke or an electrical choke on my carburetor. I know that it's an aftermarket carb, a Holley to be exact, but I don't have the model number at this time (I'm at work). Are there any signs that would indicate if it's a manual or electric? I...
  4. 85 fuel pump to relay to oil press switch to oil/choke light fiasco

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    Patient: 85 elky v6 4.3 (262cu) TBI fuel injection After a lot of changing parts, forum info led to oil pressure switch and its part in the fuel pump relay and that would be why I couldnt get fuel. Changed that and now car runs but still has new problems that seem to stem from changing the oil...
  5. choke light (idiot light)

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    Hi, the choke/oil light (idiot) on my 86 likes to blink on here and there. it came on once when I had to made a hard left immediately followed by a hard right while going up a hill and turned off once I leveled out. Normally it will blink on for a sec sometimes while I'm shifting (auto by the...