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  1. Parts for sale
    For Sale - 1980 Body side chrome trim (no bed surround). Unsure of value, mostly wish for it to be used on a project and not dispose of it. Good condition. Factory 14" Rally Wheels with center caps and beauty rings. Very good condition. Unsure of value but thinking $300 / set? Located in West...
  2. Document your restorations and modifications
    Just a little over a year into the work part and 15 months sense the accident, the how was rain and just myself involved. Picture always show the story.
  3. Body Restoration
    I have an 80 el camino in need of body work and I need to remove the chrome trim all the down the lower side of the car. Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to do this?
  4. Tips & Tricks
    I have a 5th gen 84 El Camino I currently have tinted covers on my taillights... I was wondering if there is a shine through chrome cover or wrap material so my taillights are visible through what looks like chrome thanks for any help in advance
  5. Body Restoration
    Finally got most of my trim removed to start prepping for paint. It won't let me upload pictures so I'll put them in my photobucket. I'll try to upload them again later.
  6. Body Restoration
    I need to put the side trim along both sides and the tailgate of my 1982 Elky. However these clips are very expensive (3$ a piece) and I don't have enough in my budget to buy all of them. Is it necessary to actually put a clip on each nub or could I get by with just putting a few clips on each...
  7. Body Restoration
    who sells the better chrome products ? bumpers body trim etc? thanks for any insight...
  8. Body Restoration
    What is the trim around the rear window made out of? Also can it be chromed I was trying to get a quote and the man on the phone said he thinks it's some kind of aluminum or stainless steel and may just look like chrome. It has been painted over on my el camino and we chipped some of the paint...
  9. Interior Restoration
    Does anyone know where i may be able to find a chrome foil like "tape" on my '86 interior door panel. it would go on the piece of trim that is horizontal.
  10. Body Restoration
    hey guys i know its probably a bit of a long shot but has anyone got an idea where to get wheel well trim for a 74 or have an idea of which other vehicles might fit or can be modified to adapt to the car?
  11. Body Restoration
    Looking for the "T" for 1965 hood emblem. Hope someone has replaced their's with new and kept old one
1-11 of 11 Results