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  1. Interior Restoration
    Does anyone have a suggestion on where I can find a clock for my 1987 El Camino? I have a blank where the Tach/Clock is in the gauge cluster.
  2. Electrical Systems
    Ok, so before I go on YES I know 99.3 of you guys go the opposite route and as will I...But for now I like having a factory clock in replacement of the factory dummy gauge that does nothing. It wont match but not worried about it. If I come across a stock tach for cheap "im in there like...
  3. Electrical Systems
    I've got a 5th Gen 1985 (5.0L 305 V8) with all the stock gauges in it working perfectly... except for the clock. And honestly, I'm ok with that, my goal here is not to fix the clock, but to replace it with a tachometer. I was wondering if somewhere out there was a tach that looked like the...
1-3 of 3 Results