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  1. ECM keeps blowing out!! 4.3 V6 TBI PROBLEMS

    Electrical Systems
    Some issues on my 86 Elco with the stock 4.3L v6 fuel injected motor. Recently the injectors have been super "whacko!"... I went to start it up one day and sure enough, crank crank crank... It was getting flooded. The injectors were dumping fuel into the throttle body like crazy, not flashing or...
  2. Computer swap/chip upgrade

    Ignition Upgrades & Discussion Forum
    I have a question pertaining to "The Control Computer", the one I have is stock, the engine is a Jeg's 350/400+ HP. I have restored all the wiring to stock (both under the hood and dash), I drove the Elky to its current location and it ran like cr*p. The interior is not yet reinstalled and I am...
  3. What emissions items can I remove without affecting the ECM?

    Engine Topics
    Just wondering what emissions stuff i can remove that will not affect the ecm or require me to remove it. In ct all vehicles 25 years or older are not required to be tested for emissions, Im not doing it for any gains really but just to clean up the engine bay a bit, so its a little more...
  4. 85EC Died: Came Home on Hook

    Engine Topics
    I was doing a friend a favor and just beginning to tow his 1975 Chevy Caprice with my tow bar. Got the tow bar hooked up and turned the rig around, went up a little hill and waited at the parking lot exit to begin our trip when the motor died. Tried to restart, engine fired a little but would...