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  1. Transmission & Drive line
    My transmission took a dump on me & im having a hard time finding one. I have a ‘85 V6 Conquista. Does anyone have any recommendations on where online or even in person that may sell them? i’m located in south bay area, CA. Thank you
  2. Wanted Items
    Hi, when I bought my 85 el Camino it did not come with the original dark blue steering wheel. I’d really like one if anyone has one in good condition please let me know
  3. Ignition Upgrades & Discussion Forum
    Hello to all, Im currently on the search for AC Delco Spark Plugs + Wires, Ive searched at every store local and online & cant seem to find them anywhere! I have a 85' Conquista 4.3 V6 Do they no longer make them? Autozone, Napa, Oreilys & Pep Boys told me that they dont even have the option to...
  4. Wanted Items
    I'm looking for a 1983 El Camino camper top/cab. Color doesn't matter, condition should be usable with no leaks in the roof. Needs to be able to be shipped to MA unless it's within a feasible driving distance. Would love to make my Camino the ultimate camping vehicle! thanks!!
  5. Wanted Items
    WTB used and cheap camper shell for my 78 conquista. preferably grey or silver but I will consider other colors, since I only want it for camping, if the price is right. im located in the Kansas city area.
1-5 of 11 Results