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  1. 1980 Conquista GT

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    Good morning. I'm brand new to owning a vintage El Camino. My father passed away and left his 1980 El Camino to me. Unfortunately, there's no original info in the car. From what I discovered so far it is a Conquista. Based on the VIN, it originally had the 305 V8. I don't know if it still has...
  2. new member from MI Bluewater

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    Hello, everyone ... I wanted to introduce myself here. I live in Lakeport, Michigan (10 miles north of Port Huron) and own a 1983 Conquista, black and silver, has the 3.8L V6, with approx 120K miles. It's my fourth El Camino. The Conquista has been sitting outdoors for nine years. When I parked...
  3. 1983 Camino Camper Cab

    Wanted Items
    I'm looking for a 1983 El Camino camper top/cab. Color doesn't matter, condition should be usable with no leaks in the roof. Needs to be able to be shipped to MA unless it's within a feasible driving distance. Would love to make my Camino the ultimate camping vehicle! thanks!!
  4. her name is arf

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    hey whats up my name is angus. i bought my 82 elco when i was 17 and ive been working on it along my friend jared for about 3 years built her up pretty nice pulled the 305 and put in a 350 which is a little different for a conquista but its just to make her sound as good as she looks. she needs...

    Wanted Items
    WTB used and cheap camper shell for my 78 conquista. preferably grey or silver but I will consider other colors, since I only want it for camping, if the price is right. im located in the Kansas city area.