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  1. Blue interior with black console???

    Interior Restoration
    Hello, I have a 1985 Choo Choo, White with blue interior, bucket seats and console. The interior is RPO codes 27B 27I and 279 which is the Dk Blue color. I was basically convinced that someone had replaced the console and ashtray in this El Camino as these parts are black and the dash is...
  2. Better Quality Consoles - 1968-1972 El Camino

    Vendors Forum
    Okay so we all know that the current reproduction 1968-1972 consoles on the market leave a little to be desired. They are decent but we have gotten some complaints about the brushed trim in the past. So we now have a better solution! We have put together a new high quality console kit that...
  3. Bucket seats and a console , without messing with the transmission possible?

    Interior Restoration
    Hey guys i own a 1977 elko classic with a 350 , its an automatic with a column shift , and split bench seats , but on the passenger side the teeth are all ground down so if i brake too fast and someones sitting there they slide a little , and i'm looking to put some bucket seats in its place but...
  4. Console T-Handle removal 1987 Elky

    Interior Restoration
    Just a quick post........what is the correct procedure for removing the T handle on a 1987 Elky? I need to remove the console and can't seem to grasp the push button handle removal. :dontknow:
  5. Shifter Plate Console with Tach for a Manual '73

    Interior Restoration
    I have a Shifter Plate Console /w tachometer for a Manual '73 Camino... trying to sell it. Where should I list this item, in order to get out of it what it's worth, that is? My e-mail is [email protected] Please send suggestions, or inquiries to this address. Thank you.
  6. 77 Bucket Seats & Console?

    Interior Restoration
    Does anyone know what car i could get good looking bucket seats and a console out of for a 77, i see lots of threads about it but none for 4th gen =[ I like the way this interior looks in this 76 but i don't know what seats and console its from =[
  7. Removing Shifter

    Interior Restoration
    How would I go about removing the entire shifter and center console?