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  1. Interior Restoration
    Hello, I have a 1985 Choo Choo, White with blue interior, bucket seats and console. The interior is RPO codes 27B 27I and 279 which is the Dk Blue color. I was basically convinced that someone had replaced the console and ashtray in this El Camino as these parts are black and the dash is...
  2. Vendor Deals
    Okay so we all know that the current reproduction 1968-1972 consoles on the market leave a little to be desired. They are decent but we have gotten some complaints about the brushed trim in the past. So we now have a better solution! We have put together a new high quality console kit that...
  3. Interior Restoration
    Hey guys i own a 1977 elko classic with a 350 , its an automatic with a column shift , and split bench seats , but on the passenger side the teeth are all ground down so if i brake too fast and someones sitting there they slide a little , and i'm looking to put some bucket seats in its place but...
  4. Interior Restoration
    Just a quick post........what is the correct procedure for removing the T handle on a 1987 Elky? I need to remove the console and can't seem to grasp the push button handle removal. :dontknow:
  5. Interior Restoration
    I have a Shifter Plate Console /w tachometer for a Manual '73 Camino... trying to sell it. Where should I list this item, in order to get out of it what it's worth, that is? My e-mail is [email protected] Please send suggestions, or inquiries to this address. Thank you.
  6. Interior Restoration
    Does anyone know what car i could get good looking bucket seats and a console out of for a 77, i see lots of threads about it but none for 4th gen =[ I like the way this interior looks in this 76 but i don't know what seats and console its from =[
  7. Interior Restoration
    How would I go about removing the entire shifter and center console?
1-7 of 7 Results