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  1. Power Steering Conversion

    Suspension & Steering
    Good morning! I have a 64 El Camino, and I am looking at kits to upgrade to power steering. I checked the engine casting numbers and it looks to be a 350 that was manufactured between '69 and '80. Any ideas on what kit would work? I am not sure to look for 64 El Camino compatible, or if I...
  2. Conversion to electronic AC & heater controls

    Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
    Has anyone converted the vacuum heater and AC controls and valves to an electronic setup? I read a thread on another site from darbysan where he used a Roadmaster setup. It was more detailed than I was looking at as I don't want climate control,outside air temp etc. I was just thinking exactly...
  3. 1966 El Camino 200R4 to TH350 conversion

    Transmission & Drive line
    Hi All, I currently have a 2004R in my 1966 El Camino. The tranny is toast. I have a TH350 I want to install. From what I've read I'll have to install a different transmission crossmember as well as a different kickdown cable. I've read I should also replace the oil cooler as it is contaminated...
  4. Conversion 4wd Trans to 2wd?

    Transmission & Drive line
    Hi all, I have a lead on a possible engine/trans donor for cheap, a 94 blazer... I am fairly sure they only came with v6's that year, but hey, it's a TBI V8 with serpentine belts and all it's AC parts and brackets, fuel pump, wires computer and whatever else I can scavenge.... At the moment I...
  5. Converting to Electric Radiator Fans

    Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
    Sorry if this subject has been beaten to death, but I could not find any relevant information on this site or elsewhere. I went looking for a kit to replace the mechanical fan with dual electrics. I assumed it would be a simple case of finding a set of fans/shrouds that would fit my radiator...
  6. Needed: Photo of floor shifter

    Interior Restoration
    Hi there: I am in the process of planning and doing a conversion from column shift to floor mount console. I am trying to get a stock look for my 85 EC as I am planning on installing the following: i.)factory shifter; ii.) factory brackets for console; iii.)factory console shifter column. I...
  7. Engine Swap, Tranny Fitment??

    Body Restoration
    Well to start it off. This coming spring, Im looking to pull my engine from my 84 El Camino. The engine is pretty worn and burning tons of oil, so I would like to do an engine upgrade. The engine in the car is a 3.8L V6 (vin 9) and the Transmission is an automatic. I would like to find a V8 like...
  8. '86 auto to manual conversion

    Transmission & Drive line
    I recently received an 86 el camino from my grandfather, who hasn't been driving it much over the last 5 years. It generally runs pretty well, except the overdrive on the automatic transmission doesn't synchro properly and is severely damaged due to this. Rather than overhauling the current...