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  1. Air Conditioning & Heating Systems
    Hey y'all, so the heat in my '80 elky wasn't very warm so I went ahead and replaced my heater core seeing as I know it has never been replaced. Everything back together and sealed up correctly, fired it up and the hot air was warmer, but not to where I know it should be. So, I bought a new...
  2. Engine Topics
    So I'm new to working on cars and new owner of 84 caballero 305 i want to change the coolant because it was running hot. is it as simple as un do plug let coolant drain , flush with water , fill with coolant50/50? I researched and some said stuff about block plugs? I appreciate the advice and...
  3. Interior Restoration
    I've got two leaks to fix. I found engine coolant coming in from behind the dash on the passenger side and every time it rains, the drivers side soaks up water. Going to dry and pull the interior out and see whats going on. Do you guys know of any common problems?
  4. Engine Topics
    Hi All, I've been fixing some water leaks, replaced thermostat gasket and it's sealed well now, except I kept smelling the sweet smell of coolant when driving. I found that the temp goes almost to 220, (like 210, then cools down quick) and notice the coolant smell. I checked, it's coming...
  5. Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
    Hey there, i am currently doing a repair on my El Camino's cooling system and i need to know the liquid capacity of my radiator.. does anyone know how many liters are in a 1982 El Camino 3.8 V6? Id appreciate it! THANKS! -LOUIE
1-5 of 7 Results