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  1. 3rd generation Stereo installation advice

    OK guys I looked through the threads, Didn't see any that helped. I'm Sure y'all can! I'm putting a Kenwood head unit in my 69. The unit puts out 22 watts rms through the 4 speaker outs. I've pretty much made up my mind I'll put JBL 6" x 9"s in the back with a separate amp to run them. But all...
  2. Blowout on Custom Autosound DIN Radios - $99.95

    Vendors Forum
    Hey Everyone, Well... We ordered too many DIN radios for the summer and we need to blow them out. These normally retail for $159.95 and we are selling them for $99.95 until supplies run out. They fit any vehicle with a DIN opening (7.2" x 2.11"). This would be most cars after 84. It's the...