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dash lights

  1. Project '70 dash pad R&R, sweep instrument lights and clean dash

    Interior Restoration
    I found a bunch of ugly stuff by the high beam switch on the really clean carpet that looked like "dog stuff" from deep treads of a boot. After trying to match it to three pairs of shoes, I realized the perforated pattern was that of the dash pad above the speaker. Sure enough.... The NECOA...
  2. NO dash lights, NO gauges!

    Electrical Systems
    My dash lights come on and off randomly. They were on last night. Turned the car off to get gas and what do you know....off again. Was in the middle of a convo with Donny and my driver floor lamp went out? lol. More importantly, none of my gauges and clock do not work but Speedo does...
  3. Dash lights and tail lights wont come on

    Electrical Systems
    I have a 79' and a little while ago i went to turn my lights on one night and the dash lights and tail lights didnt come on. The headlights work fine and still have my brake lights. I have tried changing fuses and that doesnt do the trick. Sometimes when i try a new fuse, the lights will come on...
  4. question for the pros on dash lights

    Electrical Systems
    Alright I've been working on the 79 and I've got the interior back in it, and the engine all back together. I repinned the dash for instruments and made a new engine harness. The instruments sorta work but the dimmer for the dash lights seems to make them crazy. they start spinning and freaking...
  5. Cool New Gauges Dash, Need Help Lighting Them.

    Electrical Systems
    Hello Elco Fans I just made a new dash for my 1983 El camino. G body iequus fuel, temp, oil, volt, Speedo, and 5 inch tach they look beautiful. they all work great. i just have one problem, i cant light them properly. i have the ground right, thats a no brainer. but the white wire. i...
  6. how to replace interior dash lights?

    Interior Restoration
    Im looking to replace my dash lights in my 79' and im not sure how to go about it. I want to have a brighter light so i can see at night how fast i am going(kinda helpful haha). anyways does anybody know how i can go about doing this, do i have to take the dash apart? also, if you can help...
  7. need help with 65 dash lights?!!?

    Electrical Systems
    hello everyone im currently restoring a 65 elco v8 custom 283 it runs and everything and currently redoing everything inside and i replaced the dash so decided to replace the bulbs for what i know and seen only the signal lights wrked and now only wen i turn the ignition half way to acces one...