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  1. Help finding and decoding hidden V.I.N. locations

    VIN Decoding
    I purchased an 82 parts truck a while ago and I was going to use it to repair my 83 Super Sport. The donor truck did not have a title or a V.I.N. plate on the firewall when I got it, just the trim tag. My plans have changed and I need to find the hidden V.I.N. locations so I can get a title...
  2. Need help decoding VIN and Trim Tag

    VIN Decoding
    Hi.. great site by the way... I am needing some assistance in decoding my VIN and Trim Tag. It does seem that someone worked their own magic on my Elky sometime back and I am having trouble decoding the information. VIN is: 1W8OU8K612095 TRIM TAG is: 78 1AW80 K247663...
  3. 1972 Body by Fisher Plate Decoding?

    RPO Codes
    Hey Guys, From the fresh new red paint on the camino, I was able to find the body plate for her. (It was black before and I couldnt read it...) I was hoping someone could decode it for me...I tried to google how to do it, but could only find it for camaros and chevelles. Or if you could...