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  1. Transmission & Drive line
    Hey guys. Sorry if something similar has been posted but I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. This is my first builder and am still learning as I go. I have an ‘81 that originally had a 229. I swapped it with a 350. It’s got a rebuilt TH350. First gear gets me to around 25 mph, second...
  2. Transmission & Drive line
    Here's a pic of my differential "pumpkin" on my '66. It has posi, 3.08 gear, What seal do I need? Also, what kind of cover do I have on it? Is it a good cover? It looks aftermarket. Would this seal work? Or do you guys recommend another one...
  3. Transmission & Drive line
    I need help removing my differential off a 79 El Camino. Im swapping but I can't find instructions anywhere and don't want to mess anything up. Can anybody help?
  4. Transmission & Drive line
    I was looking to re-gear my stock GM 10-Bolt and was wondering how I determine the size of my rear end, and what size ring and pinion to get. Any help?
  5. Transmission & Drive line
    My son and I are working on his 1980 El Camino. It has a 350 crate motor, and we will be installing a 700R4 tranny. The rear axle is a stock, open diff unit (7.5" I believe). We need to chang gear ratios and install a posi unit. I found a GM 10 bolt from a 1987 Camaro with 3.73 gears and posi...
  6. Transmission & Drive line
    I have a 71 El Camino that I've been restoring piecemeal for a number of years, and I finally have the money to completely replace an aged and problematic drivetrain. I want to drop in a new 350 crate engine (probably something around 380HP), new hardened TH350, and a new LS differential. I...
1-6 of 6 Results