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  1. distributor whining

    Engine Topics
    today i was going to do some compression testing, pulled off the distributor cap (i am now aware i could have just pulled the plug on the side) and found the rotor in a big melted mess. the flat spring that makes contact in the center was basically glued down by all the melted plastic. So i went...
  2. Distribute giving me problems?

    Ignition Upgrades & Discussion Forum
    Okay, my spark plug wires aren't giving and electrical output so my el camino won't start. You can turn the key and it will sound as if it wants to start but it won't hit so it won't start. I've been trying to find out why no electricity is going through my cables. I just replaced the coil( I've...
  3. Help with distributor

    Ignition Upgrades & Discussion Forum
    Hi; I have a 350 create motor from Summit with aluminum Summit Racing Heads, edelbrok carb and aluminum intake the previous owner installed, the distributor is from the original motor, the one that works with the computer, the car is not running strong and is nocking bad every time I push it...
  4. Timing Trouble

    Engine Topics
    I recently added headers, dual exhaust and a new intake manifold to my 84 Caballero and when I removed the distributor I forgot to mark its position. I have tried many times to get the engine at TDC and have positioned the oil pump shaft to be aligned with the 1st cylinder position on the...