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  1. 81 El Camino Door panels

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    Not sure if these are original or not looking to replace them however for newer ones.
  2. 1969 - 72 El Camino doors for sale TN

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    Hey guys. I was a member and couldnt figure out my login. Any way, I just sild my Sons project 72. He joined the Air Force. So I have a pair of complete doors for a 69- 72. I bought em from a guy in Texas for $700 a few years ago, and they have been in my barn ever since. A little Surface...
  3. Cost of Interior Door Panel Replacement

    Interior Restoration
    Just got my 1979 El Camino a couple of days ago and excited about it I need to replace the Door Panels on the Driver Side ... Can anyone recommend a site where i can purchase upper and lower panels reasonable ?? Any help would be great
  4. '73 Interior Restoration - Will '76 interior work???

    Interior Restoration
    I have a '73 custom that i bought for son, the exterior is is great shape and newly painted. The inside is a complete restoration. I found a '76 that has all the interior parts I need. WILL THEY FIT? I am looking to use from the '76; - the seats - door panels - dash - a/c control nobs - door...
  5. Door Panels the same as?

    Interior Restoration
    I have an "84" Elky, what are the door panels the same as; Monte, Grand Prix, Malibu, Olds Cutlass, ? I have the ones that came with the car but someone chopped them up (Speakers & switches). Looking for something different!
  6. Full ABS Door Panels?

    Interior Restoration
    Anyone have Full ABS Door Panels in their Caminos? Was wanting to see if they looked decent or not and how others felt about them. http://www.dixiemontecarlo.com/Product/Detail.aspx?s=DM03026%20%20%20BLACK&d=1720&nq=0&p=1&sz=50
  7. Upper door panels

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    Looking for used upper door panels for 1980.. Vinyl, manual window.. I have paypal
  8. My newly painted door panels

    Interior Restoration
    looking at putting some custom decals on the grey near the outside of the door that say super sport, really happy how these turned out you tell me what ya think
  9. Window Crank removal

    Interior Restoration
    There is some sort of clip or something holding this bugger on. I've tried to get at it with a screwdriver and even extra small needle nose pliers, but no dice. My Chilton's manual says i need some special tool but I have not been able to find it in stores or online. Surely someone around here...
  10. Need center console for auto trans

    Wanted Items
    I need a center console for my 73 SS that is for an auto trans. I am also in need of upper and lower door panels. Thanks for any help offered.
  11. White Seats & Door Panels WTB

    Wanted Items
    Wanted white door panels & seats for a 71 El Camino.
  12. 72-77 El Camino/Leguna door panels

    Parts for sale
    I finished my restoration on my 75 EC and am cleaning out some remaining parts I have left over. I had purchased new lower door panels as well as NEW Laguna upper door panels (different than the stock 73-77 EC upper panels). Both sets (R & L) are black and new in box. The Laguna upper panels...