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  1. '65 doors, cowl grill, & wheel wells

    Body Restoration
    Have some 65 Malibu doors complete with glass and handles. Driver side is banged up on the exterior but everything else is still good. The cowl grill is in great shape. The wheel wells just need an acid dip. Selling or trading all. Hurst quarter stick shifter for TH350. PM me for details. Stay...
  2. 5th gen Door Strap Inserts

    Interior Restoration
    Does anyone know if there are black plastic inserts available for the door strap mounts? I've found several sites that have "brushed aluminum" inserts. Would like to paint my existing mounts black but am missing the plastic inserts. I want the inserts to match the mounts.
  3. My newly painted door panels

    Interior Restoration
    looking at putting some custom decals on the grey near the outside of the door that say super sport, really happy how these turned out you tell me what ya think
  4. Door Handle Problems on my '72

    Body Restoration
    Hey everyone! The problem I am having with my passenger side exterior door handle is that I have to push the button completely in while slightly pushing and pulling on the door for it to open. The interior handle works perfect and I don't know what is going on with the outer.:dontknow: I hope...
  5. Rust, Rust, Rust.....

    Body Restoration
    I have a '73 El Camino SS with lots of rust on the body. I also found a '74 El Camino (non-SS) with no rust anywhere. Can some one tell me if these two body types (fenders/doors/windshield) can interchange with each other? Thanks, Charles
  6. Doors for a 76 mod

    Body Restoration
    First thread, long time owner. I have a 76 with allot of rust in the doors. I'm not very handy when it comes to body work and hope to replace them. The car has allot of body rust but if I could get some new doors on it I'll be allot closer to getting it on the road again. I live in Norway...